So today I went busking…

What is busking? Well, dear protege, it’s when a musician plays music or otherwise performs for voluntary donations in the street or subways. Quick background story: On Saturday, my mom had dropped her precious hard drive, which carried roughly one terabyte of pictures, videos, and documents from 5+ years of traveling in India, family moments, and so much more. So,…


Stop telling me I can’t do this, Stop telling me I can’ go far, Stop telling me this is it, I have no choice,  That my fate is sealed, That I have no voice. Stop faking your smiles, Stop faking your applause, Just be honest, Just tell me, That you don’t believe At all in me… By Alice Sungurov


Inverted Image

Be the creator of your own destiny. There is a very special image of something very near and dear to my heart within these letters. Can you guess what it is?  I’ll give you a hint;) it has something to do with magic, thing JK Rowling;) If you guess right I’ll post the image with your profile tagged in it! Comment…

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.13.58 PM

Thoughts all day, every day

Why are there so many people here? What are they thinking? Do they have life figured out? What’s that smell? Oh wait that’s the smell of “why on Earth do I have to go to this wretched place all day, every day.” It doesn’t make my life easier nor better. Did I do my chemistry homework? Yea, yea I did,…


Radio Announcement

Awesome news! Three of my songs will be played on WOSRadio this upcoming few months!!! It feels freaking amazing to be heard. Writing this music last year, fine-tuning which instruments will be on the track, and having breakthroughs. Having breakthroughs in realizing that every word counts; how it connects with a musical note, and how the lyrics and music dance…


One year anniversary!

Guitar Magazine put me into “Ten Artists to Watch in 2015”.   That was an amazing start of the year. Now we are moving towards my favorite season and the end of the year. New songs just come out too! I will be celebrating my first year of performing in NYC on December 13, 2015, at the famous BitterEnd. It…


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